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We are a community partnership that strengthens and inspires positive change to build a healthy community and prevent youth substance abuse.


A healthy and safe community with accessible resources that keep our youth connected and thriving.

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Pax Good Behavior Game

The Pax Good Behavior Game is an evidence-based universal prevention intervention applied by teachers in the classroom. This evidence-based practice consists of a set of research-based strategies with origins in behavioral science, neuroscience, and cultural wisdom that operate together to improve children’s self-regulation. Teachers implement these strategies as part of their daily routines.

PAX Tools extends nurturing environments beyond the classroom, empowering adults throughout the community to improve young people’s behavior and relationships with the use of evidence-based kernels. PAX Tools is designed for use at home or in the community by caring adults such as parents, caregivers, and other adults who serve youth in volunteer or professional settings.

Positive Action Curriculum
for After-School Programs

Positive Action is a program designed to improve academic achievement, school attendance and problem behaviors. The curriculum is based on the concept that you feel good about yourself when you take positive actions and is broken down by subcategories of physical, intellectual, social and emotional areas. The grade-specific program kits work well in an after school program setting, like Children of the Valley.

Children of the Valley
Positive Action

Positive Community Norms

In April 2021 RISE launched a positive community norms campaign, an evidence-based strategy aimed at correcting misconceptions to reduce youth substance use and reinforce positive parenting habits.

91% of Sedro-Woolley parents don’t want their child to use marijuana


Cubs Advocating for Mental health
and Prevention (CAMP)

Cubs Advocating for Mental health and Prevention (CAMP) is an active and collaborative club for high school students in Sedro-Woolley. CAMP members learn about prevention science through youth-led, adult guided projects. They use social media to reach fellow students and share positive messages and ideas for self-care and fun!

Peer 2 peer

Peer 2 Peer is a youth marijuana prevention program created to train high school and middle school students to become peer educators. After taking part in free (and fun!) trainings, peer educators are equipped with knowledge, skills and tools to teach younger peers about health, coping with stress, the effects of cannabis, social norms, and more.

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National Drug
Take-Back Day

Protect your loved ones and the environment. Dispose of unwanted, unused and expired opioid prescriptions safely.


75% of opioid misuse starts with people using medication that wasn’t prescribed for them, usually from a friend or family member.


Medicines have been found in Pacific Northwest water and soils, threatening the health of our wildlife and drinking water.

Join us every April and October as we host a National Drug Take-Back Day event in Sedro-Woolley, WA. Details of the event will be posted several weeks in advance.

Need to dispose of your medication now? There are year-round collection boxes at many locations in our area. Click the link below to find a location near you.


Medication Lock Box Distribution

We are partnering with a Shaffner Pharmacy to help distribute Medication Lock Boxes for free. You should consider a Medication Lock Box if you:

  • Have children or teens in your home

  • Are a caregiver

  • Need to lock up any medicine in your home

Community Presentations
and Training Opportunities

We host several educational presentations throughout the year on a variety of topics including an overview of the RISE Coalition, Parenting workshops, Prevention training and more. Current event information can be found on our Facebook Page.

Policy Advocacy and Education

Policy Advocacy is a way for our coalition and community members to use their voices on issues that are important to them. We share data on bills that would have an impact on youth substance use. An example from the Legislative session in 2022 is HB 1676- Vapor Product Tax Restructuring.

Legislative Session 2022
HB 1676 – Vapor Product Tax Restructuring

Why? A pack of cigarettes has $3.05 state tax vs. a Juul pod at $0.19. The proposed legislation would tax all vapor products at 33% of their selling price. There is strong evidence that a tax increase would lead to a decline in use, particularly among youth. The funds generated from this tax would be split between the Andy Hill Cancer Research Endowment and Prevention programs.